Smother Me More.


A selection of silky ganache centre truffles, each scented with a premium spirit, South Australian wine and craft beer.

  • Please see The Chocolat Collection to view inclusions.
  • Complementary Gift Packaging, Card and Letter Writing Available.
  • 20 chocolates.
  • FREE delivery within a 10km radius of the Adelaide CBD.

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Savour more moments.
A premium gift selection of liquor infused,
Silky ganache centre truffles,
Enrobed in couverture chocolat.

Smother Me More


Chocolat Collection.
6 x Snow White.
7 x Stole my Heart.
7 x The Americano.

View The Chocolat Collection



Product Details

Each gift is wrapped with chocolat brown ribbon and finishings, presented in a white Chocolat by Daniela gift bag.

Chocolat truffles are approx. 20g each.

White, Milk and Dark Chocolate pieces in the Almond Collection are approximately 50g each in weight and 150g in total.

As you can sweetly appreciate, the artisanal way. Each piece is tenderly handcrafted. No single piece is the same, taking on its own unique form.

Limited Editions. Gifts also available excluding wine when sold out.

Ingredients & Allergies

The Almond collection contains nuts and gluten. Some products are nut free, however they are not manufactured in a nut free environment. If you have a nut allergy, consuming these products is not recommended.

Some products contain soy lecithin.

If you have any other allergies, please contact us prior to making a purchase.

Storage & Care of your Chocolates

All chocolate is best consumed at room temperature to enjoy the fullness of flavours.

Consuming chocolates within a reasonable time is recommended.

Store chocolate in a cool, dry place away from strong odours.

Avoid storing in the fridge. Condensation can occur and cause sugar bloom.