Introduction to


At the heart of the melting ganache centre, where chocolat is as smooth as silk.

Passion and inspiration collide, naturally.

Tenderly handcrafting ,

In the rarity and finesse of the human hand

product evolves into art.

Appreciating this new luxury,

Of the artisan way.

We tell stories and we educate.

We invent, infuse, chill, heat, chill, roll, chill, temper and dip it in chocolat.

For the thrill of drawing heartbeats.



Exotic flavour fusions

ignite the senses

And surprise the palate.



Great Things

Yet these morsels

of Pleasure.

Are for nurturing. Rather than indulging.



Your Eyes

While organic

seasonal produce

And premium coverture is respected.

Unique methods and marriages

of ingredients

showcase the best of

our local wines and spirits.


A refreshing


And inspiring Experience.

So fall in Chocolat,

I’ll catch you.

And let us arrive at

bliss moment.