The Chocolat Collection


The Chocolat Collection

Intense and aromatic. With a flavour that lingers. Just enough to make you blush. Created to draw upon heartbeats’



White Chocolate ganache centre hinted with Angostura Carribean rum, seasonal apricot, honey and a little bit of bitters. Smothered in 34% vanilla white chocolate.

Delicate and light. Inspired by the white-hot Australian Christmas and the snowflakes we miss.





Salted Caramel ganache, hinted with with American Brown Ale & Stout.

Smothered in 38% milk chocolat, finished with sea-salt flakes.

A Big Shed Brewing Concern Collaboration.

The less sweet, full-bodied. Very dark and very edgy.

Stole My


Oh my Gianduia. Almond and hazelnut praline ganache, hinted with coffee marsala, a sweet Italian wine and Frangelico. Smothered in 55% dark.

Very luxurious and very Italian.





Sangiovese Shiraz and juicy cherry ganache scented with fresh rose petals, smothered in 55% dark chocolat.

Bittersweet, fruity and soft. Takes you away, to make you feel a little tenderly drowsy.


Chocolat & Biscotti

The Almond Collection

The finest, crispiest almond biscottini, smothered in chocolat 3 ways. Inspired by the Australian Almond.

The Almond


The Almond Collection.

The finest, crispiest almond biscottini, smothered in chocolat 3 ways, heart broken into pieces of textured and full flavoured brittle.

Spice Me.

Spiced Almond of cinnamon, ginger and clove with white chocolat, cranberries and pistachio.

Smoke Me.

Smoked almond & coconut oil with 38% milk chocolat.

Salt Me.

The savoury. Salted almond praline with 55% dark chocolat.